Undocumented Shoppers Organize to get Return Merchandise Authorization

Undocumented shoppers, formally shoplifters, are rumored to be organizing to pressure retailers to treat them equally when returning merchandise for refunds. Many retailers still require some proof of purchase to accompany merchandise returns, but undocumented shoppers, who do not possess purchase documentation, or a sales receipt, say they are being unfairly discriminated against.

“These shoppers work just as hard, and often harder, than other shoppers and we should not deny them their consumer rights,” said Jose Amanda of the consumer rights advocacy group Sticky Fingers United.

Retailers are responding by pointing to the $13 billion in stolen goods they must absorb each year.  “We’re talking $35 million worth of merchandise just walking out the door every day,” said Jason Michaels of Retailers America.  “Sadly, much of that cost has to be passed on to paying shoppers in the form of higher prices,” Michaels added. “That figure may potentially double if that same merchandise is returned for refunds,” he said.

But undocumented shoppers’ rights groups are claiming that undocumented shoppers are valuable contributors to consumerism.  “Undocumented shoppers do the work paying shoppers don’t want to do,” says Renaldo Skates of Five Finger Discount, another advocacy group in California.

“Retailers don’t take into consideration the time and effort undocumented shoppers must put into shopping.  A lot of time and effort goes into concealing merchandise. The messy dressing rooms necessary for hiding clothing, somebody has to put all those items back on the rack, and that means jobs are created.  Paying shoppers don’t have to use such tactics to hide their purchases and so they don’t want to take the time to make the same mess,” Skates said.

“It’s a fact of life that people have to shop in California,” said Skates.  “There shouldn’t be any connection between someone’s ability to shop and whether or not they are undocumented.”

But retailers point out that there are no free jeans.  “In the end,” said Michaels, “the cost is passed on to all the other paying shoppers.  If the trend continues to rise, there won’t be enough paying shoppers left who can afford to subsidize all the undocumented shoppers.  Prices get to be so high, nobody can afford anything.”

Skates calls that an empty threat.  “Undocumented shoppers are decent, hardworking people.  They will continue to shop no matter how high prices go,” he said.

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Straphangers Welcome and Others Need Not Apply

Trying to escape to America from Chinese oppression, gulags and torture?   Forget it. There is a perfectly good reason dissidents from Communist, or National Socialist, governments are not welcome by today’s American government.

Short explanation:

If a person sneaks across the border into America through Arizona or California, impregnates another illegal several times so that she can claim welfare money for food and housing, and free daycare (ok, lets ‘call’ it education, something, by the way, that can only be obtained if one can be persuaded to desire it), and then spends his days standing in front of Home Depot as a day laborer, paying no taxes; these two system riders will most defiantly vote (yes, they do) the Democrat (Socialist) ticket.

That is simply because they are on the receiving end of a government agenda that gives them everything, and promises to continue doing so (until the takeover is complete).

However, if a person sneaks into an American embassy in China desperately seeking asylum and full of information on the corrupt and evil dealings of the Chinese government, that person is returned to the Chinese government.

This is because a person in China knows what happens to people under a government that can give a person everything; it can, and does, take everything from them.  That person would most likely vote Republican—not that much difference, but a leaning in the right direction.

What is that ‘everything’ a National Socialist government takes?

Every piece of personal identity and dignity.  Communist China remains in power through national force; a national socialist power structure.  Individuals are no more than a collective natural resource to managed and harvested for obedience and productivity to serve the elite.

The reason our leaders don’t grant asylum to Chinese dissidents is because they would become dissidents to our National Socialist policies.

There is one thing a National Socialist government also seeks to obtain, and does in most cases, and that is the human spirit.  However, if that human has received another Spirit, a National Socialist government can never obtain it.


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Caught With Them Down

Conspiring to commit sedition (rebellion) against the U.S., conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction, and more in charges—dismissed.  Against who?  Against members of a reportedly deadly Michigan militia that was supposedly perched to undermine the United States.  So dangerously perched that, according to U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade two years ago, when six members of the ‘militia’ were arrested, it was the time to “take them down.”1

How concrete was McQuade’s case, how strong was it?

Though the FBI operatives were instructed to fortify it, to plant sting operatives, one of which revealed at trail he spent two years posing as a friend (even a best man at one of the militiamen’s wedding), and the FBI sting masters were instructed to rent a warehouse for the purpose of persuading the militia to manufacture and store weapons there; the case was revealed to be built on sand, not concrete.

At the request of defense attorney William Swor, U.S District Judge Victoria Roberts granted acquittal for the aforementioned charges—the most serious ones.  Turns out all that McQuade had was speech; speech recorded that expressed hatred of law enforcement.

Why was it so important for U.S. Attorney McQuade and the FBI to manufacture this case?

In addition to looking for ways to bluster personal careers, and that is disgraceful enough, the government is attempting to put a chill on free speech, and is trying desperately to make its case for marshal law.

This case manufacturing is perfectly in alignment with Department of Homeland Security’s 2009 ‘study’ showing homegrown terrorists presenting a grave danger to the nation.  Who are they?

They are, according the DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, veterans, prolife groups, right wing religious groups, gun rights advocates; and—white people.

White supremacist specially, who have “adopted immigration issues as a call,”2 but no mention in the DHS report of the 14 million law breakers already ‘hiding’ here (formally known as illegal immigrants), many of whom continue in crime and gangs praying upon the citizenry, and no mention of the Black Panthers either.  (Jews will be added to the list after marshal law is finally declared.)

1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/key-charges-dismissed-against-michigan-militia-members-charged-with-plotting-war-on-government/2012/03/27/gIQAfUYVeS_story.html

2. http://www.foxnews.com/projects/pdf/041609_extremism.pdf

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Selling Ireland

Ireland is raising property taxes to pay back the European Union for bailouts.  These taxes do not provide for police, fire, sewer, or sanitation services, but take money directly from citizens to pay debt on national loans.  The Irish government has essentially mismanaged and misspent the Irish into servitude, and sold their sovereignty out from under them.  Now, the same government is using the threat of home seizure to squeeze money from them.  The price starts at $130, but will go up based on appraised values.  It will not be enough.  Next, there will very likely be assets evaluations with new taxes placed retroactively on personal property.  Those taxes will either be paid, or assets will be seized and auctioned off to the highest bidder, or shipped to the European Central Bank clearing house to repay national debt.

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Wyoming Preparing for Collapse of Federal Government

Wyoming Preparing for and collapse of federal government passed a House Bill that would create a “state-run government continuity task force, which would study and prepare Wyoming for potential catastrophes, from disruptions in food and energy supplies to a complete meltdown of the federal government…. look at the feasibility of Wyoming issuing its own alternative currency…. implement its own military draft, raise a standing army, and acquire strike aircraft and an aircraft carrier.” The meltdown and collapse of the federal government in the near future is being taken seriously by responsible representatives who see the writing on the wall: $16 trillion in debt and $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities.  There is no way American can pay what it owes, or make good on its promises.

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Why the American Medical Association Betrayed Patients

The American Medical Association’s (AMA) support of Obamacare had nothing to do with patient care.  The AMA backed the health care law for one reason: money.  “The AMA sought to curry favor with the government to preserve their lucrative royalty monopoly on the medical billing codes that must be used to file all medical claims in the United States. These codes netted the AMA 72 million in the year 2010 alone.”

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