Hate Registry for Students Secretly Targets Parents

walking_with_dinosaursxx22.jpgTeachers in England are now required to record instances when racist or homophobic words are used at school and initiate a file on students who use them in a hate register.  This requirement is for students aged five and up.  Once initiated, the file will be maintained though secondary school.  This rule must be complied with whether the child knows the meaning of the words or not.  Use of the word “gay” would land a child on the hate registry because that word is often used to denote something inferior and less desirable, and this is the actual reason behind the registry.1

Although the government claims its about bullying, it’s really about something else. Students who discriminate between the practice of homosexuality and heterosexuality and conclude God’s design is to be preferred are being targeted for remediation by the state.  They must be taught to believe that both sexual behaviors are equal, and it follows that they don’t graduate until they demonstrate that they have successfully learned the lesson.

Insidious as it is, the reach of the hate registry won’t end there because there is second hidden reason for the database.  The database provides government with illegal access into private homes and families to survey attitudes and beliefs.

They will use the information they force the teachers to collect to assess parents’ compliance with desired political teaching at home, and they will be able to target those who don’t meet government standards for mandatory parenting classes.  Failure to attend these classes may result in the state taking custody of the children to give them a proper education.  It’s coming.  The evolution of the word “homophobic” demonstrates the process.

AB: Article Brief for this article available here.


1. Ryan Kisiel and Steve Doughty, “Pupils aged five on hate register: Teachers must log playground taunts for Government database,” MailOnline, March 4, 2010.


AB: Article Brief for this article available here.

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