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hero_trump_pence_flagTo everyone: Congratulations! 

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Sanders Supporters Can Have their Judgement Day and Eat It Too

Sanders supporters: You were robbed!  And you, thanks to WikiLeaks, know it.  The DNC, along with CNN, and all of the MSM, conspired to commit fraud on the hard working people who worked so hard to canvas, knock on doors, make phone calls, and donate meager funds to fight Wall Street corruption.  To fight terrible sell-out trade deals that have depleted you job options to the point of working as waiters and bus-boys to pay-off the loans you were sold for degrees that can’t find you a descent career.

But you still have an opportunity to extract a right and proper judgement.  Tuesday, you can go to the polls and vote to cancel Hillary Clinton’s crime syndicate.  You can’t stop the corruption that robbed you of your voice by voting for the one candidate who can negotiate real trade deals that deliver real jobs.

You can vote for the candidate who is NOT controlled by Wall Street Bankers.  You can vote for the one candidate who is NOT one of the insiders, like Clinton, who makes deals that only enrich themselves and their finends.

You can still vote for Donald J. Trump for president.

You can vote to “Drain the Swamp.”

That swamp includes the insider information Clinton has on Sanders that made him honor a non-aggression pact, and that called for him to endorse Clinton for president.  What does she have on the DOJ?  What does she have on the FBI? What does she have ready to turn loose on every one of you?  Slay the hounds of Hell. The Clinton Crime Syndicate could be put out of business by your votes.  Don’t you find that empowering?

Sanders supporters can actually have their judgement and eat it too.  Because Sanders isn’t here, as he should be, you are what he said he represented, and claimed to fight for.  So you have your ‘Sanders’ cause, and by making sure Clinton does not prosper by her wickedness, you can eat it too.

Pull the Plug on the Swamp, and see all that pours out!


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Psyops In play to Suppress Donald Trump Voter Turn-out

Reportedly, ISIS has put out a call for sleeper cells to activate for the purpose of slaughtering Americans on election day.  If this report is accurate, it came from a terrorist monitoring group SITE, it would probably be the first time ever terrorists gave advanced notice of an attack, down to the day.  While we don’t know about the veracity of this report, we do know that, just as thought-shaping polls are used to influence voter behavior, psyops are always in play in every election to increase or suppress voter turn-out. 

And from what we now know, thanks to WikiLeaks, about the DNC, CNN, and Clinton campaign, all sorts of tactic are being used to dissuade Donald Trump supporters from organizing and voting.  Those tactics included sending provocateurs to Trump rallies to incite violence in staged, scripted, encounters designed to make it appear that it’s the Trump supporter who are naturally violent trouble makers.  The thought shaping goal was to create the message: ‘no one in their right mind would want to be identified with people like that.’

There is also a curious report that turned up analyzing Clinton’s odds of winning the White House in light of Trump’s strong possibility of doing just that.  In the Salvage Option plan, various pysops are examined for suppressing voter turn-out, and they range from a Red Dawn invasion to a staged alien invasion of earth.  It is thought that suppressing voter turn-out disproportionally favors Clinton due to Trump’s record breaking increase in primary and general election voters.  Is this new threat a pysop?  Even though this supposed warning may, in fact, inspire a radical Islamist terrorist to act, we should treat it as a psyop.






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Hillary Clinton Admits to Severe Brain Damage

In an ‘interview’ Hillary Clinton gave to FBI ‘investigators’, Clinton’s defense for being unable to recognize classification markings on documents she inappropriately stored on an unsecured, private server was that she could not remember document designations and handling procedures from security briefings she had received.  The marking in question was merely the letter “C”.  The reason for her amnesia, she claimed, was a head injury that caused her to sustain a concussion.  In view of ones ability to handle classified, secret, top-secrete, and special access programs; Clinton clearly exhibits sever mental impairment, or brain damage.

The FBI, in a lapse of investigative procedure, failed to follow up on Clinton’s past, current, and future prognosis of existing and ongoing metal impairment from that brain injury.  As far as we know, no request for medical records was ever made.

Consequently, voters, with only a few days to select a president, have every reason to be unsure about Clinton’s mental acuity.  At center stage in this election, as Clinton is fond of pointing out herself, is the mental capacity and mental stability of the person who will be able to launch a nuclear attack on a perceived, foreign aggressor.

The voters in this election must decide casting their vote while considering  intriguing scenarios.

Can they trust an extremely successful business man who has taken great care to build land mark properties world-wide that have provided financial security for his children and grandchildren, and tens of thousands of jobs, to be calm and resolute in considering potential threats?  In considering terrible destruction on a world-wide large scale?

Or, can voters trust a self-serving, career politician, with a record of devastation in her political career-building wake, who would be unable to recognize that “NLC” stands for Nuclear Launch Codes (that’s a “C” with TWO more initials to remember!), and whose gross negligence would place those codes on pervert Anthony Weiner’s computer to be sexted out to teenagers?

Yup, it’s a really a tough call for voters this November.  

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Pardon Me

Hillary Clinton is asking—pleading—that the FBI release the emails found on Huma and Weiner Abedin’s home computer.  Ordinarily, this might appear to be the confident demeanor of a presidential candidate who knows that she is innocent of wrong doing, and has nothing to hide. 

Clinton only wants to clear the waters muddied by FBI director James Comey; who is breaking with protocol to influence an election.

Perhaps just the opposite will turn out to be true.  It may be that this time, Clinton knows the jig is up.  Of the 650,000 emails on the Abedin’s computer, saved in a file titled “Life Insurance” by the way, there is ample room and possibility that the 33,000 emails deleted by Clinton are included in the cache.

These may be emails that demonstrate pay-to-play selling of our State Department, and that also prove violation of federal laws regarding the mishandling of classified information. 

Considering the pledge candidate Donald Trump has made to appoint a special prosecutor to re-open the Clinton email scandal, what better time to engineer a presidential pardon than on Obama’s watch.

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Rigging the Election: Exposed by Project Veritas

Project Veritas headed by James O’Keefe has released a series of four undercover video shorts that, on their face, reveal shocking, and probably very illegal, Trump campaign tampering by the Democratic National Committee, and the Clinton campaign its self.  The video records paid operatives detailing how they recruit, train, and pay professional agitators to incite confrontations and riotous conditions by skillfully eliciting violent response behaviors from Trump supporters at Trump rallies nationwide. 

The code name for this Clinton Campaign-paid activism is “birddogging,” and the depth of the sanctioning of this activity, reaching all the way to the Obama Waite House, is nearly beyond belief.


Here are the video links:


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Secret Plan of Biblical Proportions for Stealing the Election from Donald Trump

hero_trump_pence_flagA mysterious link recently appeared in a voluminous, and quickly buried, comments section.  It linked to a downloadable document (pdf) that details a mysterious plan to steal the presidential election from Donald Trump.  The document header names the Benenson Strategy Group (BSG) as its author.  An internet search does return a research and consultancy company by the same name with locations in New York, Denver, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and London.  As is shown on the document header, BSG also has a Washington, DC location, but the address for that location on their website is different from the one shown on the document in question.
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