Hillary Clinton Admits to Severe Brain Damage

In an ‘interview’ Hillary Clinton gave to FBI ‘investigators’, Clinton’s defense for being unable to recognize classification markings on documents she inappropriately stored on an unsecured, private server was that she could not remember document designations and handling procedures from security briefings she had received.  The marking in question was merely the letter “C”.  The reason for her amnesia, she claimed, was a head injury that caused her to sustain a concussion.  In view of ones ability to handle classified, secret, top-secrete, and special access programs; Clinton clearly exhibits sever mental impairment, or brain damage.

The FBI, in a lapse of investigative procedure, failed to follow up on Clinton’s past, current, and future prognosis of existing and ongoing metal impairment from that brain injury.  As far as we know, no request for medical records was ever made.

Consequently, voters, with only a few days to select a president, have every reason to be unsure about Clinton’s mental acuity.  At center stage in this election, as Clinton is fond of pointing out herself, is the mental capacity and mental stability of the person who will be able to launch a nuclear attack on a perceived, foreign aggressor.

The voters in this election must decide casting their vote while considering  intriguing scenarios.

Can they trust an extremely successful business man who has taken great care to build land mark properties world-wide that have provided financial security for his children and grandchildren, and tens of thousands of jobs, to be calm and resolute in considering potential threats?  In considering terrible destruction on a world-wide large scale?

Or, can voters trust a self-serving, career politician, with a record of devastation in her political career-building wake, who would be unable to recognize that “NLC” stands for Nuclear Launch Codes (that’s a “C” with TWO more initials to remember!), and whose gross negligence would place those codes on pervert Anthony Weiner’s computer to be sexted out to teenagers?

Yup, it’s a really a tough call for voters this November.  

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Pardon Me

Hillary Clinton is asking—pleading—that the FBI release the emails found on Huma and Weiner Abedin’s home computer.  Ordinarily, this might appear to be the confident demeanor of a presidential candidate who knows that she is innocent of wrong doing, and has nothing to hide. 

Clinton only wants to clear the waters muddied by FBI director James Comey; who is breaking with protocol to influence an election.

Perhaps just the opposite will turn out to be true.  It may be that this time, Clinton knows the jig is up.  Of the 650,000 emails on the Abedin’s computer, saved in a file titled “Life Insurance” by the way, there is ample room and possibility that the 33,000 emails deleted by Clinton are included in the cache.

These may be emails that demonstrate pay-to-play selling of our State Department, and that also prove violation of federal laws regarding the mishandling of classified information. 

Considering the pledge candidate Donald Trump has made to appoint a special prosecutor to re-open the Clinton email scandal, what better time to engineer a presidential pardon than on Obama’s watch.

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Rigging the Election: Exposed by Project Veritas

Project Veritas headed by James O’Keefe has released a series of four undercover video shorts that, on their face, reveal shocking, and probably very illegal, Trump campaign tampering by the Democratic National Committee, and the Clinton campaign its self.  The video records paid operatives detailing how they recruit, train, and pay professional agitators to incite confrontations and riotous conditions by skillfully eliciting violent response behaviors from Trump supporters at Trump rallies nationwide. 

The code name for this Clinton Campaign-paid activism is “birddogging,” and the depth of the sanctioning of this activity, reaching all the way to the Obama Waite House, is nearly beyond belief.


Here are the video links:    






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Secret Plan of Biblical Proportions for Stealing the Election from Donald Trump

hero_trump_pence_flagA mysterious link recently appeared in a voluminous, and quickly buried, Breitbart.com comments section.  It linked to a downloadable document (pdf) that details a mysterious plan to steal the presidential election from Donald Trump.  The document header names the Benenson Strategy Group (BSG) as its author.  An internet search does return a research and consultancy company by the same name with locations in New York, Denver, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and London.  As is shown on the document header, BSG also has a Washington, DC location, but the address for that location on their website is different from the one shown on the document in question.
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Hackers Out in Force to Obscure Trump Debate Win in Online Polls

Everywhere from Breitbart to Drudgereport, polls for voting for which presidential candidate won the debate are being hacked tonight by DNC subcontractors.  These would be the same subcontractors as the ones revealed to be paying violent activists to incite violence at trump rallies, and who are linked to the Clinton campaign. 

Exavier • a few seconds ago

61,393 on the Breitbart poll

27,346 on the Drudge poll

That ‘s all ? Something doesn’t add up.

Millions of people read Drudge

Same for Breitbart

They are trying to make it look like it’s over. Hillary won. Why try? Give up? You can’t do anything to stop it. It’s exactly why they claimed earlier today she won the election, its too steep a comeback. They are trying to instill a learned helplessness, a why try what can my vote do mentality!

It’s soooo obvious.

Hilary trolls infesting us to bad we can’t delete them.why would a Hilary supporter be stupid enough to come in here if they weren’t being paid

Something very weird happening with the poll right now. Googleads, and many other routings happening simultaneously, and won’t accept my vote. I am extremely confused. Cyber attack live and in color? Comments section basically proves my theory.

The poll has been hacked by the Hillary Clinton campaign and they are blaming the Russians.

They have hacked the polls here and on Drudge. If they cheat and hack the election, it is the patriotic duty of every American to become well armed and take to the streets and organize to take the country back from these Marxist usurpers. Sadly enough, the time has come to water the tree of liberty. Those who refuse to join don’t deserve to be free or enjoy the fruits of liberty purchased by so many who went before them.

 Been trying to vote here and on Drudge and my vote will not register.

 Carl Jarson6 minutes ago

For anyone to think Trump can come back from how far behind in the polls he is, means you are DELUSIONAL!

We cannot win the White House. At best we have to keep the senate and house.

Trump is DONE


corbyj • 9 minutes ago


I’m having problems with the poll, the button to vote just turns….not sure if it accepted my vote

David • 10 minutes ago

 vote is locked up, someting fishy

Why is it not allowing me to vote?

Have tried voting for Trump 10x. Won’t take my vote. Correct The Record paid Hillary shills are raiding this poll!


[comments; Breitbart]

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Professional Republicanism Beneficiaries Melting Down

Professional Republicanism Beneficiaries Melting Down 8.2Recently, political pundit, author, and radio host Hugh Hewitt compared presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump to “stage-four cancer,” and called for the GOP to replace him at the upcoming convention with a candidate more to Hewitt’s liking.1  Hewitt feels he is entitled to issue this edict because he remained neutral until the primary was over.  In essence, Hewitt is saying that because he waited to see if he would get what he wanted, and didn’t; he is entitled to demand that the GOP hit the reset button that will supersede the will of Republican voters. 

Hewitt cloaks his disdain for rank and file Americans, poised to elect a representative president who puts America’s interests first, in the supposed threat that “we’re going to get killed with this nominee” against Hillary Clinton.  Hewitt, however, did hedge his bet by extending a poisoned olive branch.  If Trump would undergo a “personality transplant,” Hewitt would touch his scepter to Trump’s shoulders.

Translation: If Trump would assent to becoming an establishment tool in Professional Republicanism, where incumbents and pundits alike profit in season and out of season (weather the people win, or the people lose), the gravy train Hewitt rides might welcome Trump aboard. 

What this self-anointed super-duper delegate is missing is there exists now a critical mass of Americans tired of the rigged systems in both parties; that enriches insiders at the expense of decimating the American worker.  Nothing probably better points this out than the Golden State’s presidential primary vote.

The California primary results show 1,174,892 votes cast for Trump.  And while Hillary garnered 1,940,616 Democrat votes, her Democrat opponent Bernie Sanders, who leads a sizable rabble of disenfranchised voters, got 1,502,043 votes.2  That’s a million and a half voters with a sizable number of them ardently opposed to crooked Hillary, and business as usual.

What this means, and what a reliable political pundit would be pointing out, is that those two factors clearly put California in ‘play’ for the Republican party.  The last time a Republican candidate carried California was 1988 with George H.W. Bush (and that by virtue of Reagan’s shadow).  That was 24 years ago.3

While it’s not easy to forecast the percentage of crossover voters from Sanders’ camp who will vote Republican in the general election, Trump has been ingeniously courting those voters for months.  At his rallies, Trump has been highlighting the singular issue on which he and Sanders do agree: The economy.  And that message is what resonates loudest with most Sanders supporters. 

Specifically, the banks are allowed to play by rules that let them commit fraud, rig markets, and steal from depositors without a single banker going to jail.  That portion of Sander’s people holding a piece of the 6 trillion outstanding, non-dischargeable, student loan debt are looking for a leader who will get them a fare deal.

Another economic polarizing point the two candidates agree on is the view that American trade deals favor everyone but the American worker; who has seen a horrific decline in manufacturing jobs since Bill Clinton’s NAFTA (soon to be outdone by TPP).   

Finally, Americans need jobs to return; weather you’re looking for an entry level manufacturing job to start a career, or somewhere to put that degree to work so you can get out of your parent’s basement.  

So, it is very likely that after the emotional discharge of disappointment runs its course for Sander’s supporters, one very important reality will set in.  Between establishment-Hillary and outsider-Trump, only one of them stands a chance of making real changes that will benefit the average American.  That’s successful businessman, Donald Trump.  

With California still as our example, lets look at those 1,940,616 Hillary Democrats.  Even if her criminal activities don’t catch up to her in the form of criminal charges before November, she has Donald Trump to face.  The scrutiny he is going to put her under for her criminal record and her failed service record will create many clear headed Democrats who will put America first. 

While the foregoing is considerable, there are other allowances to be made in our Golden State scenario.

If we allow for the 176,620 votes cast for John Kasich, and the 144,125 cast for Ted Cruz, and the 54,145 cast for Ben Carson to contribute to Trump in the general election; that’s another 774,890 voters in play, and they will probably side with Trump instead of Hillary. 

And in all these numbers, there is one bigger number yet to be considered.

California has 17,915,053 registered voters.4  At press time, over 10 million of them didn’t vote in the primary, but could be energized to vote in the general election in November.  And if the Trump campaign has shown us anything, it’s that Trump is probably the most energizing candidate in the history of American politics.  At this point he has earned 1.4 million votes more than any other Republican candidate in history.5

It is this phenomenal rise of an American populist that has Professional Republicanism beneficiaries melting down.  They have profited by, and enjoyed their preen as, purported oracles of the Republican Party.  As paid mouthpieces utilized by the ruling class to placate the masses with a false narrative of struggle and accomplishment, they have successfully insulated themselves between voters and representatives to become unelected rulers over isolated souls commuting from toil to increasingly regulated respite.  

Mercifully, the tether was finally drawn too tight.  The resulting trickle of blood carries in it the latent taste of liberty, and the body is waking.

In light only these sobering observations, I will answer Hewitt’s prediction of Republicans getting “killed” with Trump as our nominee with one of my own: When the Trump landslide takes place in November, the most significant residue that will be left of Hewitt’s prognostication, and perhaps Hewitt’s career, will be the punctuation mark at the end of his last sentence.


1  “Hugh Hewitt: GOP Should Change Convention Rules to Dump Trump,” Breitbart (June 9, 2016). http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/06/08/hugh-hewitt-gop-change-rules-dump-trump-let-convention-decide/


2  “California Primary Restults,” New York Times (June 8, 2016).  http://www.nytimes.com/elections/results/california

3  Whenwasthe.com (February 27, 2015). http://www.whenwasthe.com/last-time-california-voted-republican-in-the-presidential-election/

4  “California’s registered voters hit high ahead of Tuesday presidential primary,” Los Angeles Times (June 9, 2016) http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-sac-essential-politics-california-new-voters-voter-registration-primary-htmlstory.html

5  “History! Trump Shatters Republican Primary Vote Record by 1.4 Million Votes,” Gateway Pundit (June 7, 2016), http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/06/trump-trumps-wins-historic-race-record-fashion/

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Barriers to Hillary Clinton

The candidates, delegates, and assorted volunteers at the upcoming Democratic National Convention will protected by a “no-scale” fence.  While the design of the fence has not been revealed yet, ‘no-scale’ implies it will probably include repellent features, and be high enough to prevent people from climbing over it.1  Whatever the construction of the fence, it’s sure to be an impressive barrier.  And it should draw the attention of presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. 

Hillary weighed in on the idea of such barriers only a few days ago in response to the promise of presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump to build a impenetrable wall along our southern border.

“Instead of building walls,” Hillary said, “we need to be tearing down barriers.”2

Bernie Sanders supporters should pay special attention to the efforts Hillary expends in ‘tearing down barriers’ once they go up around the convention. 

If Hillary lets the barrier stand, it may clearly reveal two important things about her character to you: Hillary doesn’t care about the safety or wellbeing of the average American on the street, and she’s only interested in protecting herself and other establishment cronies

The plan to build a Trump is in direct response to murderers, rapists, and drug-dealers pouring over our border and victimizing countless Americans for decades.  It offers Americans protection that is long overdue. 

That alone justifies its completion, but there is also damage to untold Americans in higher taxes to pay for illegal immigrant’s welfare payments, schooling, subsidized housing, medical care, disability payments, and second language service requirements for utilities and government services.

And then there is the price of incarcerating them in our prisons.

Sanders supporters should be able to detect a pattern when the Democratic convention begins: 

Hillary is lying when – she claims classified emails, that may have jeopardized national security, weren’t sent through her private email server. 

Hillary is lying when – she claims a poorly made video prevented her from sending help to our embassy and got our people killed in Benghazi. 

Hillary is lying when – she says she’s not looking out for the best interests of the too-big-to-fail banks. 

Hillary is lying when – she says she didn’t’ sell favors for millions as Secretary of State.

Hillary is lying when – she claims we don’t need an impenetrable wall on our southern border. 

Hillary is lying when – she says she looking out for you. 



1 http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Wells-Fargo-Center-Xfinity-Live-to-Be-Inside-Perimeter-Secret-Service-Says-382433501.html


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